Autumn in Freia’s Dining Room

Until 20th October you can enjoy our autumn menu, which invites the autumn’s deep, sun-ripened flavours into Freia’s cosy dining room.

In Freia’s cosy dining room, we are welcoming the wonderful delights of autumn. As the evenings are slowly drawing in, we are gathering in the dining room to enjoy incredible flavours and good wines by the glass. For when the forests, fields and meadows around us change colour, we reap the season’s deep, sun-ripened flavours and bring them inside. Rosehips, pears, hazelnuts, plums, raspberries and beetroots have all found their way to Freia’s dining room.

You can choose between a three- or six-course menu with dishes such as Tuna & Rosehip, Pork & Cauliflower and Dark Berries & Beetroot. It’s a classic menu with a contemporary edge, and you will taste the flavours of autumn and that special Freia twist in every bite.

Jesper Koch has created an exquisite wine pairing for the autumn menu. Each wine has been handpicked for the autumn season, and Jesper has brought home wines from France, Italy, the US, Spain, South Africa and Portugal to put the finishing touch on Freia’s menu.

So you can look forward to experiencing autumn, warm hospitality and fabulous flavours at Freia. Freia is open Tuesday-Saturday, and it is always a good idea to book a table in advance as we are experiencing a great deal of interest in the restaurant.


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